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Raymond & Marjorie Lisby Scholarship

Year Founded

Purpose of Fund

Raymond and Marjorie Lisby

The Endowment provides scholarship awards for graduates of any Putnam High School who attendDePauw University majoring in Fine Arts (music, theatre, visual arts).

History of Fund
Raymond Lisby was born in Putnam County, Indiana and met Marjorie Harter, who had moved to Putnam County from Northern Indiana, at the Fillmore Christian Church in the mid-1930s. They were married in 1936 and raised their family, four sons (David, Mytron, Don, and Dale) and one daughter (Anita), while farming and operating the Lisby Specialty Company just east of Fillmore.

Marjorie Lisby displayed amazing artistic talent in music, visual arts, baking, handiwork including knitting, quilting and tatting, along with many other crafts. She played both piano and organ and sang in many church evangelical meetings in the Central Indiana area.

She also operated a baking business from their home catering many area weddings and always in demand for special occasion cakes. Her visual art work was enjoyed by many in the area and her handiwork was of high quality and admired by all. Raymond could fix and make anything in his metal and wood working shop. Neighbors from far and wide came to his shop with ideas that he would make into working products.

All of their children were involved in the arts Mytron became a high school band director, Don and Dale played trumpet and Dale is a song leader in his church. Dale and Anita were national baton twirling champions. David died in an accident before turning 3 years old.

Marjorie attended DePauw University, but was unable to complete her degree due to the Great Depression. She returned to DePauw in the 1960s and took visual art classes in the evenings. Mytron graduated from DePauw with a degree in Music Education.

Raymond died in 1997. Marjorie relocated to central Florida in 2008 and continues to produce handiwork that is both quite visually pleasing and of amazing quality.

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