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Putnam County Community Foundation Board

Board of Directors
The Community Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of elected and appointed trustees who are representative of the community and recognized for their involvement in civic affairs. Each board member gives generously of his/her time, talent, and treasure to further the mission of the Community Foundation.


Jane Alcorn

Rick Bittles

Finance Committee Chair

Jeff Blaydes

Keith Brackney

Debbi Christy

Lilly Selection Committee Chair

Ken Eitel


Phil Gick
Vice-President; Governance & Nominations     Committee Chair

Mike Goss
Donor Development Chair

Chase Haltom


Susan Lemon

Grants Committee Chair

Carolyn Mann
Scholarship Committee Chair

Jeff McCall

Susan Price   


Mitch Proctor
Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair

Nancy Wells            

Vivian Whitaker
Youth Philanthropy       Co-Chair

Alan Zerkel


Honorary Board of Directors

The following individuals were awarded Honorary Board Member status as a result of their exemplary service to the county through the Community Foundation.

Honorary Chairman of the Board: Robert Evans


David Archer

Eleanor Ballard*
Jinsie Bingham
Lynn Bohmer
Gwen Bottoms
Donna Bouslog
Dorothy Brown
Charles Chandler
Gene Clodfelter
Dorothy Crawley Richards
Therese Cunningham

Jim Ensley
Robert Farber*

Joe Ferguson
Beth Flint
Louis Fontaine

Edward Galm*
David Glesenkamp
Thomas Graffis

Robert Harbison
Laurie Robertson


Paul Hartman

Karen Heavin

Ken Heeke

Frances Hickman*

Mary Ellen Huggard
Richard Jackson*

Judy Johnson*

Barbara Mann*
Mary Louise Miller*

Monty Montgomery

Harry D. Moore*

Gwen Morris

George Murphey
Sue Murray
Max Nichols
John O'Hair
Ben Olson*

Susan Price
Murray Pride
James Renz
Michael Rokicki*
Phyllis Rokicki
Malcolm Romine
Don Ruark

Steven Setchell
Denise Sigworth
Fred Silander*

Harold Spicer
Alan Stanley

Vicki Timm
Ella Marie Torr

Laurel Turk*

Gerald Warren*

Ted Willer
Jerry Williams

Rodger Winger

Ellie Ypma
John Zeiner





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