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Community Grants: How to Apply

Program Overview
We are pleased and honored by your interest in the Community Foundation. We hope you find these instructions and the application clear. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or comments.

Notification of Funding Availability
Notice of funding availability and application instructions will be made public through local newspapers. Interested persons may contact the Community Foundation office at any time and request that a Preliminary Grant Application Form be sent to them for the next granting cycle. The Community Foundation may issue up to two (2) requests for proposals (cycles) each year.

Preliminary Grant Application
To be considered for funding, organizations must first submit a Preliminary Grant Application Form. Each grant application will be screened by Community Foundation staff. Incomplete or late applications will not be reviewed and the organization will be notified in writing.

Grant Application Screening
This preliminary application allows the Community Foundation to screen potential grantees for eligibility and compatibility with Community Foundation funding priorities. The Grants Committee will review all properly submitted Preliminary Grant Applications and determine those whom will be invited to submit a Full Grant Application. These selected organizations will be receive a link to the Full Grant Application by email.

Grant Decisions
The Community Foundation is interested in supporting all areas of charitable activity in Putnam County. Each complete grant application will be researched by the Grants Committee. If possible each grant applicant will receive an on-site visit from a member of the Committee. If an on-site visit is not possible, the applicant will have the opportunity to meet with members of the Committee to explain the benefits and accomplishments of the proposal and to answer questions. The Board of Directors relies upon the work of the Grants Committee to inform its decisions.

Ineligible Projects
In general, grants from the Community Grants Program will not be awarded for the following:

  • Individuals
  • Ongoing operational expenses, i.e. salaries, rent, and utilities
  • Projects that do not serve Putnam County citizens
  • Projects normally fully funded by units of government
  • Projects to build or fund an endowment
  • Religious activities or programs that appear to serve one denomination
    and not the community at large.
  • Political organizations or campaigns
  • National and state-wide fund raising projects
  • Projects that could be considered discriminatory
  • Projects operated by for-profit companies
  • Projects requesting retroactive funding

Important Dates
Based upon funding availability and granting priorities, the Community Foundation may engage in up to two (2) grant award cycles each year. Please note: If dates identified below fall on a holiday or a weekend, the next business day is the due date.

First Grant Cycle - Spring (if applicable)

Feb 1-
Preliminary Grant Application due by 5:00 pm
Feb 15-
Selected applicants invited to submit full application
Mar 1-
Full Grant Application due by 5:00 PM
May 1 -
Applicants notified of funding decisions
May 15-
Signed Grant Agreements due by 5:00 PM
1st Friday of June Grant Awards Breakfast and Grant Check
Jan 15-
First Progress report due by 5:00 pm

Second Grant Cycle - Fall (if applicable)

Aug 1-
Preliminary Grant Application due by 5:00 pm
Aug 15-
Selected applicants invited to submit full application
Sep 1-
Full Grant Application due by 5:00 PM
Nov 1-
Applicants notified of funding decisions
Nov 15-
Signed Grant Agreements due by 5:00 PM
1st Friday of December Grant Awards Breakfast and Grant Check Disbursement
Jul 15-
First Progress report due by 5:00 pm

Reporting Requirements
A final report is due at the time of project completion. Unless other arrangements are made, it is expected that projects will be completed within one year of the grant award. After a full six months, progress reports are due in the Community Foundation office on or before January 15 and July 15 for the previous granting period until the project is completed.

Click below to download forms:
Progress Report Form (PDF)

Requests for Exceptions
The grant making programs and policies of the Putnam County Community Foundation, Inc., are reviewed at least annually for relevance and excellence. The Board of Directors of the Putnam County Community Foundation has developed these guidelines for the submission and evaluation of grant proposals. Requests for exceptions to the guidelines submitted in writing will be reviewed and considered by the Board of Directors.


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